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Workshop: F# STARTER KIT

Isaac Abraham

This course explores the F# programming language and ecosystem from scratch. Those coming from a C# or VB .NET background will be especially at home, but this course is equally suitable for those developers with familiarity in other modern languages such as JavaScript, TypeScript or Java. Attendees will be exposed to a set of core functional programming constructs and patterns, and how to apply them in F#, before looking at practical applications of these features and patterns.

Attendees will work through a number of code-first scenarios that will give the student a firm understanding in the fundamentals of the language and tooling, as well as the confidence to explore more of the language themselves. Labs will be intermixed with examples and use-cases for solving problems using F#.

This course can be delivered for .NET Framework or .NET Core teams using either Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code.

Level: Intermediate
Prerequisites: Experience in a modern language e.g. C#, Java, JavaScript etc.

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